We are a group of like minded flyers based out of Daniel Field in Augusta, GA. Our membership is currently full. Please contact us to be put on a waiting list.

We have two Cessna 172N’s IFR equipped. They rent for $123 to $140 per TACH hour wet (includes fuel).

The price to join is so low. Just $250 membership fee. The club dues are $105 a month, which entitles you to sign out the planes any time, including overnight.

1)   How many members do you have?

  • We currently have 40 members.

2)   How does flight scheduling work?

  • We use a scheduling website to book our flights. We currently have two planes. Scheduling is usually not an issue. We make sure that if our plans change we notify the club that the plane is available for use.

3)   How old are the 172s?

  • Both planes are C-172N model year 1978 and 1979.

4)   What is the approximate time on the air frame, what is the times SMOH?

  • N2776E – 11000 hrs. on Airframe. 2100 hrs. on engine.
  • N62GK – 7000 hrs. on airframe. 150 hrs. on engine.

5)   How is maintenance performed? by club members with an A&P or local shop?

  • All maintenance is required in the by-laws to be performed by an FAA certified A&P Mechanic.
  • Normal maintenance is performed by Augusta Aviation, LLC at Daniel Field. Any issues with the planes while enroute or at destination should be performed by the shop at that location.
  • Any squawks are required to notify the President or Maintenance officer. Any items repaired while the plane is checked out will be reimbursed on your monthly bill with receipts turned in.

6)   What engines are in the 172s?

  • Both planes have Lycoming O-320 – D2J(D2G) (by Penn Yann, Remanufactured Zero Time by Lycoming) 160 HP engines.

7)   How are funds handled for maintaining the aircraft? If club members work on the planes, oil changes, washing, vacuuming, replacing a tire etc., can they earn flying time credit? Are there scheduled club work days?

  • We do not earn flying time credits. Any owner maintenance items such as washing or vacuuming would be on volunteer basis.
  • The club maintenance officer takes care of insuring all maintenance is handled by Augusta Aviation. The treasurer handles all funds and invoicing for the club.
  • We have had club cookouts in the past. As a member you would be welcome to help or lead in any activities.

8)   Is there a fee for overnight trips?

  • There is no fee for overnight trips. The rules do state some minimum hours to be flown. Be courteous, respecting others right to fly and everyone gets along.

9)   Does each member have to carry their own insurance?

  • The club carries insurance on the planes and each member is covered as an owner.

10)   I like to fly with my dog, with the understanding of cleaning up the mess, is that allowed?

  • Your dog is welcome to fly anytime. As before, everyone is courteous, so we treat each other as we would want to be treated.
  • We take care of the planes as if they are our own.

11)  Are there any meetings?

  • The club holds two business meetings per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • We also hold a training and social gatherings occasionally.